Top 10 Courses Most Nigerian Students Were Forced To Study

Most African parents want to give in marriage their children to family friends irrespective of whether the boy or girl love someone else, or is not in love with the other partner they want to marry him/her off to.

Most importantly, we are considering this post the top 10 courses Nigerian parents force their children to study in University. Before we go to listing all of this courses, we tend to reason but why?

There are many reasons this happen. At times, they want their children to be more successful than they, and there is this general belief that those fields are the most lucrative and most successful academic fields, so they tell their children,

“whether you like it or not, that is what you will study.”

Some people concluded that there is a link between this action and poverty. Whatever the case is, we will just go ahead to list out all of the courses that Nigerian Students are forced by their parents o study in the University.

Top 10 Courses Most Nigerian Students Were Forced To Study

  1. Medicine
  2. Engineering
  3. Law
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Accounting
  6. Architecture
  7. Economics
  8. Banking & Finance
  9. Health Science
  10. Nursing
The writer has experienced this too, but my advise to parents out there is to allow their children study something in line with their ambitions and Life Dreams.

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