Recommendations for South Korea: Take a look at the unique experiences that immigrants in South Korea need to have


South Korea is one of the most visited countries in East Asia, boasting the continent’s most spectacular history and culture as well as stunning scenery. Do not forget the charming Korean people who are sure to make friends with travelers. South Korea offers a great contrast between the old and the new and has much to explore and here is a list of five things not to be missed when you visit the country.

Visit the ancient capital of Gyeongju

Being the capital of the longest remaining state in Korean history, the journey to discover the history of South Korea would not have ended without a visit to the ancient capital of Gyeongju. Here you will find what is often called the “living museum” where many of the city’s sites have been described as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Discover Gyeongbokgung Palace

The largest of the five palaces built by the Joseon Empire, the beautiful Gyeongbokgung Palace is said to be called the “Mighty Blessed Heaven”. Over time, the manor, built-in 1395, has been repeatedly rebuilt due to fire and war damage. But when you visit today, almost 40% of the original palace buildings are still visible, which is a great way to discover South Korean history and culture.

Take the high-speed train

Unlike the old buildings mentioned above, riding a high-speed train provides an understanding of South Korea’s modern life. Take the train to the capital, Seoul, the starting point of the Gyeongbu line, and head for the larger city of Busan. The train reaches Busan in just two hours and the train reaches 177 miles per hour.

Explore Mount Gaja National Park

Mount Gaya National Park was named a National Park in 1972 for its incredible views. It also houses a famous temple, the highest peak in Korea, and a standing Buddha carved from a rock. The Korean War has not fundamentally affected this remote part of South Korea and come to visit to appreciate its unspoiled beauty. You will find the gorge outside the gorge, including the Hongryudong Valley, which has red water due to the reflection of vermilion foliage.

Relax on Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is considered the best beach in South Korea and is popular with tourists and attracts tens of thousands of visitors during the summer months. The beach opens from the tallest buildings, is surprisingly clean, and hosts various interesting events throughout the year. The beach, famous for thousands of umbrellas that cover the beach during peak hours, has amazing white sand made up of naturally gutted shells.


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