Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure (2020)

One of the most important aspects of the Nigerian military in the navy. As a result of their role in the protection of lives and properties in Nigeria, the Nigerian Navy has continued to spark the interest of many military enthusiasts.

As one of the ways to calm your nerves, I have brought you in this post, all you will need to know about the Nigerian Navy rank symbols and salary structure.

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure

In order to tackle this topic to the best of your interest, we have given some notes about the Nigerian Navy, their fleet and military power and some other important answers you will need to know about the Nigerian Navy. Now read along to learn all we have for you in this article.


The Nigerian Navy is the branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces which is responsible for the maintenance, training and equipping the combat-ready naval forces in order to win wars, deter aggression and maintain freedom of the seas.

Without the Nigerian Navy, there wouldn’t be forces to protect the country’s shores and sea-lanes; there would be nobody to confront piracy or combat other navies in times of war.

The Nigerian Navy was established in 1956 and it is today one of the largest navies on the African continent, having several thousands of personnel and a lot inventory in their fleet. This fleet (which is discussed below) consists of a great number of patrol vessels, cutters, crafts and so on.


Just as in other military settings, the Nigerian naval officers are ranked in two forms: the commissioned officers and the non-commissioned officers.


There are a total number of eleven ranks under the commissioned officers cadre of the Nigerian Navy. According to the descending order of hierarchy, here are the ranks of the Nigerian naval officers:

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral
  5. Commodore
  6. Captain
  7. Commander
  8. Lieutenant Commander
  9. Lieutenant
  10. Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  12. Midshipman
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Admiral of the Fleet:

The Nigerian Navy’s highest rank is the Admiral of the Fleet. Unfortunately, no officer has attained this apex rank in the Nigerian Navy and this position is equivalent to the Field Marshal of the Nigerian Army or Marshal of the Air Force.


Following the Admiral of the Fleet is the Admiral. It is, therefore, the second-highest rank in the Nigerian Navy. But as there is no Admiral of the Fleet, the rank of Admiral remains the highest rank. In the Nigerian Air Force, the rank of the Admiral is equivalent to the Chief Air Marshal and the General in the Army.

Vice Admiral:

The Vice Marshal rank follows the Admiral. This rank is equivalent to the Lieutenant-General of the Army and the Air Marshal of the Air Force.

Rear Admiral:

In the “Admiral” cadre, the Rear Admiral is considered the lowest. This rank is sometimes referred to as flag officers or flag ranks. The Rear Admiral is directly above the Commodore but directly below the Vice Admiral. In the Nigerian Army, this rank is equivalent to the Major General and in the Air Force, is it equivalent to the Air Vice Marshal.


This is the rank of a commissioned officer in the Nigerian Navy which is below the Rear Admiral but just above the Captain. In the Nigerian Air Force, it is equivalent to the Air Commodore while in the Army it is equivalent to the Brigadier General.


The rank of the Captain directly follows the rank of the Navy Commodore. In the Nigerian Army, the Commodore is equivalent to the Colonel while in the Air Force it is equivalent to the Group Captain.

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The rank of the Commander in the Nigerian Navy is a senior officer rank which is equivalent to the Wing Commander in the Nigerian Air Force and Lieutenant Colonel in the Nigerian Army. This rank is directly above the Lieutenant Commander but just below the Captain.

Lieutenant Commander:

The commissioned officer rank which is immediately below the Commander but above the Lieutenant is the Lieutenant Commander. This rank is equivalent to the Squadron Leader in the Nigerian Air Force and Major in the Army.


Following the rank of the Lieutenant Commander in the commissioned officers cadre in the Nigerian Navy is the rank of the Lieutenant. This rank is very much equivalent to the rank of Captain in the Army and Flight Lieutenant in the Nigerian Air Force.


The rank of Sub-Lieutenant directly comes after the Lieutenant in the Nigerian Navy. In the army, this rank is equivalent to the First Lieutenant and in the Nigerian Air Force, it is equivalent to the Flying Officer rank.

Acting Sub-Lieutenant:

Acting Sub-Lieutenant is the rank following the Sub-Lieutenant in the Nigerian Navy. Its equivalence in the Nigerian Army is the Second Lieutenant while in the Nigerian Air Force, it is the Pilot Officer.


The lowest rank under the commissioned officers cadre, in the Nigerian Navy, is the rank of the Midshipman. It is directly below the rank of the Acting-Sub Lieutenant.


There are seven ranks under the non-commissioned cadre of the Nigerian Navy. These ranks are listed as follows in descending order of hierarchy:

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee


Having known the various ranks in the Nigerian Navy, let us now delve into how much these officers are paid. Definitely, they are paid according to their ranks which directly imply that the higher your rank is, the more money you are paid.

  • Admiral – N1,358,595
  • Vice Admiral – N1,113,602
  • Rear Admiral – N1,003,245
  • Commodore – N615,488
  • Captain – N309,654
  • Commander – N281,673
  • Sub-Lieutenant – N200,000
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The rank of the Admiral of the Fleet has not been attained by any officer. Therefore, the salary of that rank is not known.

NOTE: These salaries attached to these ranks could be mere estimates of the actual thing. There is no public pronouncement of the amount Nigerian Navy officers receive as salary and we will advice you treat it as mere estimate.


The Nigerian Navy as I stated earlier is one of the largest and most powerful naval force in Africa. They also have some of the most sophisticated military equipment. Therefore, some of the inventories in the Nigerian Navy fleet are:

  • 9 Fast Patrol Vessels
  • 16 Inshore Patrol Crafts
  • 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • 2 Patrol Cutters
  • 2 Minesweepers
  • 1 Frigates
  • 1 Amphibious Tank Landing Ships

The traces of the prowess of the Nigerian Navy can be traced in their involvement in the Nigerian Civil War, Sierra Leone Civil War, First Liberian Civil War, Conflicts of the Niger-Delta, Boko Haram insurgency and many others.


If you have a dream to join the Nigerian Navy, do not let it be foisted by external influences. But be sure you are making the right decision, understanding that you are going there because of the passion to protect the country, and not for pride purposes.

I believe with what you have garnered here regarding the Nigerian Navy ranks, symbols and salary, you will better know where you are headed.


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