Top 1000+ Nigerian names: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa last names


Nigerian Names: Hausa List

Hausa Names and Meaning

Adamu means AdamAli means excellent or nobleAminu means reliable and trustworthy person.Amir means A ruler, prince or commander
Aisha means to live in prosperity.Amina means safe protected and secure.Asmau means loftier or eminent personalityAtikah means of a pure heartAsabe means child born on Saturday.
Balaraba means female child born on WednesdayBalarabe means male child born on WednesdayBashir means someone who brings good news.Bilal means a companion of the prophet.Danasabe means child born on Saturday
Danjuma means male child born on FridayDanladi means male child born on SundayDanlami means male child born on ThursdayFaidah means advantageFaiqah means someone who surpasses excellence
Fatimah means daughter of the prophetFaizu means victoriousFaruq means the distinguisher of truth from falsehoodFaisal means decisiveFuad means heart
Gambo means a child after twinsHassan means first boy in a set of twinsHassana means twin girlHussain means second boy in a set of twinsHussaina means twin girl
Habibah means belovedHafsah means wife of the prophetHalimah means gentle heartHamidah means appreciativeHabib means beloved
Hadi means calm personHafiz a guardian or protectorHamzah means lionImam means leaderIsa means Jesus
Ismaila means IshmaelJummai means female child born on FridayJamilah means a beautiful, elegant and graceful person.Jalil means exaltedJamal means beauty and grace
Jibril means archangelKaka means grandmotherKhamees means female child born on ThursdayKhamisa means female child born on ThursdayKhadijah means wife of prophet Muhammad
Kubra means a senior person or someone with higher authority.Kamil means complete or perfectKhalifah means a successorLadi means female child born on SundayLami means female child born on Thursday
Lantana means female child born on MondayLaraba means female child born on WednesdayLarai means female child born on Wednesday.Latifah means kind and gentle heartLubabah means the innermost essence
Musa means MosesMansurah means supporterMaryam means mother of JesusMaimuna means blessingMahmud means praised
Mansur means aidedMushin means benevolentMustafa means chosenNabilah means nobilityNafisah means precious, rare gem
Naimah means enjoying blessing of GodRabiah means fourthRahmah means kind and compassionateRuqayyah means name of the prophet daughterRahid means righteous
Safiyah means pure and serene heartSakinah meanspeace of mindSalimah means a jovial companionShukriyah means thanksgivingsSumayyah means a proper name
Salim means safeTalatu means female child born on TuesdayTahir means pureUmar means lifetimeUsman means companion
Yakubu means JacobYohanna means johnYusuf means JosephZahrah means flowerZakiyyah means pure
Zainab means name of prophet daughterZaytum means oliveZubaydah means radiant


Nigerian Names: Yoruba List

Yoruba Names And Their Meanings

Aanuoluwapo means God’s mercy is great.Aarin means centre/middleAarinade means in the center of the crown
Aarinade means in the center of the crownAbayomi means the enemy would have gloated over meAbejide means born during the rainy seasonAbidemi means born before the fathers arrival
Abidoye- born before the arrival of a chieftaincy titleAbiodun means born during the festivalAbiola/ Abimbola/Abisola means one born into wealthAbiona means born during a journey
Abioye/Abisoye means born into status/titleAbisogun means born during a warAbisuga means one born into the palaceAbodunrin means one who walks in with the festival/holiday
Abosede/Abiose means born on the first day of the weekAdaramola means one who complements wealth with beautyAde means describes crown or royaltyAdebajo means the crown returns from a trip
Adebambo means the crown returns with meAdebanjo means the crown fits meAdebanke means the crown helps to pamper meAdebankole means the crown assisted me to build a house
Adebayo means the crown meets with joyAdebimpe means the crown birthed me completeAdebisi means the crown has given birth to moreAdebiyi means the crown gave birth to this one
Adebola means the crown meets with wealthAdeboro means the crown meets wealthAdebowale means the crown has come homeAdeboye means the crown meets the title
Adeboyejo means the crown befits the titleAdebukola means the crown has added to wealthAdebusoye means the crown has adds to statusAdedamola means the crown is mixed with wealth
Adedapo means crowns associate/affiliateAdedaramola means the crown associates with (complements) wealth wellAdedayo means the crown has become joyAdedeji means the crown has become two
Adediji means the crown has become a refugeAdediran means the crown becomes hereditaryAdedoja means the crown has become a marketAdedokun means the crown has become (as wide as) the sea
Adedolapo means the crown holds wealth togetherAdedotun means the crown has become fresh/newAdedoyin means the crown has become honeyAdefemi means the crown loves me
Adefolake means the crown pampers with wealthAdefolarin means the crown walks with wealthAdefoluke means the crown pampers with GodAdefoyeke means the crown pampers with the title
Adegbenga means the crown elevates/upliftsAdegbenro means the crown establishesAdegbola means the crown carries wealthAdegboyega means the crown has elevated the title
Adegoke means the crown ascends a height/hillAdegoroye means the crown ascends to a titleAdegunte means the crown ascends the throneAdeiye means the crown of salvation
Adejare means the crown has overcomeAdejobi means the crown gives birth togetherAdejoke means the crown will together pamper this oneAdejoro means the crown enjoys (eats) wealth
Adejumo means the crown unitesAdejumobi means the crown unites to give birth toAdejumoke means the crown unites to pamperAdejuwon means the crown is greater than them
Adekanmi means I am entitled to the crownAdekemi means the crown pampers meAdekilekun means the crown makes the house fullAdekitan means the crown does not finish/end
Adekola means the crown collects wealthAdekoyejo means the crown brings together titlesAdekunle means crowns fill the houseAdelabi means we gave birth to a crown
Adelana means the crown opens the wayAdelani means we own the crownAdelanwa means it is a crown that we look forAdeleke means the crown triumphs
Adelodun means the crown owns the festivalAdelowo means the crown has respectAdeloye means the crown is (the essence) of a titleAdemola means the crown has been added to wealth
Ademolu means the crown has been added to the masterAdenaike meansAdeniji means the crown has protection/refuge (to offer)Adenike means the crown has (need of) care
Adeniran means the crown has history/lineageAdeniyi means the crown has prestige/dignityAdenola means the crown owns wealthAdenrele means the crown is going home
Adenuga means the crown owns the palaceAdeoba means the crown of the kingAdeola means crown of wealthAdeolu means the crown of God
Adeoti means the crown does not fadeAdeoye means a crown of titleAdepeju means the crown is full of honorAdepero means the crown pacifies
Adepitan means the crown tells a storyAdepoju means crowns are manyAderemilekun means the crown has dried my tearsAderinsola means the crown walks into wealth
Aderiyike means the crown has found one to pamperAderonke means the crown has something to pamperAderoju means the crown has succorAderopo means the crown replaces
Adesanmi means the crown profits meAdesewa means the crown makes beautyAdesile means the crown opens a new houseAdesina means the crown has opened the way
Adesoji means the crown is revivedAdesokan means the crown is oneAdesola means the crown makes wealthAdesoro means the crown makes wealth
Adesoye means the crown watches over the titleAdesupo means the crown aggregatesAdetola means the crown is the worth of wealthAdetolu means the crown which belongs to God
Adetona means the crown gives directionAdetoro means the crown is peacefulAdetoun means the crown is worth strifeAdetoyebi means the crown is big enough to birth titles
Adetoyese means the crown has beautified the titleAdetunji means the crown has woken againAdetutu means the crown is calm/soothingAdewale means the crown has come home
Adewetan meansAdewonuola means the crown has entered into wealthAdewunmi means I am desirous of the crownAdeyanju means the crown succeeds
Adeyato means the crown is differentAdeyemi means the crown befits meAdeyemo means the crown befits a childAdeyiga means the crown surrounds the palace
Adeyinka means the crown surrounds meAdeyeye means the crown befits its titlesAdeyombo meansAdeyoola means
Adeyoye means the crown rejoices over the titleAdunade means the sweetness of the crownAdunbi means one who is sweet to give birth toAdunke means one who is sweet to pamper
Adunni means one who is sweet to haveAdura means means prayerAduramigba means my prayer has been answeredAfolabi means one born with wealth
Afolami means one who breathes with wealthAfolarin means one who walks with wealthAfolorunso means one kept under God’s protectionAgboola means the stage/platform of wealth
Aibinuola means one who is not antagonistic of wealthAje means a child born on mondayAjibola means one who wakes up to meet wealthAjibade means one who wakes into royalty
Ajibike means we woke up to take care of this oneAjirola means one who wakes to the sight of wealthAkin means refers to warrior/valorAkinbiyi means a warrior gave birth to this one
Akinbode means a warrior has arrivedAkinbola means valor meets with wealthAkindele means the warrior has come homeAkinkunmi means valor fills me
Akinlabi means we gave birth to a warriorAkinleye means valor has gloryAkinlolu means the Lord is ValorAkinloye means valor is a title
Akinmade means the warrior takes the crownAkinniyi means valor has dignityAkinola means valor of wealthAkinpelu means the warrior was one of them
Akinrinnola means the warrior walks in wealthAkinsanmi means valor profits meAkintayo means valor is the worth of joyAkintola means valor is the worth of wealth
Akintoye means valor is the worth of titleAkintunde means the warrior has come againAkinwunmi means warriors appeal to meAkinyele means valor befits a home
Akinyemi means valor befits meAkeju means one who is over pamperedAnjolaoluwa means we are enjoying (eating) the wealth of GodAlaba means the second child born after a set of twins
Alade means the crowned oneAlayo means one who is full of joy/merrimentAlarape means the one with family is completeAra means means family. It also means “to be a part of”
Aralola means family (relations) is wealthAramide means my family has comeAraoye means a part of the titleAremu means is the name given to the first male child
Ariyo means one who is joy to beholdAsikooluwaloju means the Timing of God is bestAtinuke means a person who has been pampered from conceptionAyan means refers to drums/drumming.
Ayanbadejo means drumming complements the crown wellAyandele means the drummer has come homeAyantola means drumming is the worth of wealthAyantuge means drumming is the worth of the palace
Ayanyinka means drumming surrounds meAyo means means joyAyoade means the joy of the crownAyobade means joy meets with the crown
Ayobami means joy meets with meAyodeji means joy has doubledAyodele means joy has come homeAyodiran means joy becomes hereditary
Ayoku means joy remainsAyokunle means joy fills the houseAyokunnumitetete means joy fills my insides completely/ joy saturates meAyomide /Ayomitide means my joy has come
Ayoola means the joy of wealthAyorinde means joy walks inAyotomi means joy is enough for meAyotola means joy is the worth of wealth
Ayotunde means joy has come againBaba means means father or grandfatherBababunmi means father gave meBabajide means father has awoken
Babalola means father is wealthBabarinsa means “father saw and ran”. Name given to a child whose father dies shortly after his birthBabasola means father makes wealthBabatola means father is the worth of wealth
Babatunde means father has come againBabatunji means father had arisen/reincarnatedBabawale means father has come homeBabayeju means father confers dignity
Badejoko means one who sits with then crownBeekololariBeelolariBolajoko means one who sits with wealth
Bolatito means so wealth is this big?Bolutife means it is as God desiresBotiwunoluwa means as God desiresDideolu means the rising of God
Durodola means wait for wealthDurojaiye means wait to enjoy (eat) lifeDurosinmi means wait to bury meEbudola means insults have become wealth/honor
Ebunoluwa means gift of GodEmiola means the spirit of wealthEni means means personEnilo means the person who went away
Eniola means person of wealthEnitan means a person about whose birth a story is toldEniolurunda means a person created/moulded (especially) by GodEniolorunopa means a person who God will not kill
Enitanwa means a person who we have been waiting forEkundayo means tears have become joyEreola means the benefit/advantage of wealthErioluwa means evidence/testimony of God
Etoade means right of the crownEwaoluwa means beauty of GodEyiloreoluwa means this is the favor of GodEyitola means this (one) is the worth of wealth
Faramade means move closer to the crownFadekemi means make use if the crown to pamper meFadesewafunmi means make beauty from the crown for meFehintiola means rest/relax on wealth
Feyifoluwa means give this (one) to GodFijinjesu/ Fijinoluwa means consecrated unto Jesus/GodFiyinfoluwa means give prestige to GodFolagbade means receive a crown with wealth
Folashade means use wealth as a crownFowosade means use money as a crownGbekelolu means rest on GodGbadewole means enter a place with the crown
Gbolagunte means ascend the throne with wealthGbolahan means show off wealthGbowoade means receive the crownIbidokun means family becomes (as wide as) the sea
Ibidun means child birth is sweetIbijoke means family pampers togetherIbikeye means childbirth brings honorIbikunle means birth (children) fill the house
Ibilola means childbirth is wealthIbisola means childbirth makes wealthIbiyemi means childbirth honors meIbironke means family has found who to pamper
Ibiolagbajosi means the place wealth converges atIbukunoluwa means blessing of GodIdowu means the name given to the child born after a set of twinsIdurotioluwa means the steadfastness/ abiding presence of God
Ife means means loveIfeade means love of the crownIfedolapo means love holds wealth togetherIfejobi means love gave birth together
Ifeoluwakusi means the love of God aboundsIfetayo means love is the worth of joyIgbagboluwa means belief/faith of GodIkeolu means the care of God
Ilesanmi means home benefits meImoleoluwa means light of GodInioluwa means property of GodIpadeola means assembly of wealth
Ipinuoluwa means decision of GodIremide means my fortune/benefit has arrivedIretiola means hope/anticipation of wealthIretioluwa means God’s hope
itanife means the story of loveIteoluwakiisi means the throne of God is permanentItunuoluwa means comfort of GodIwalewa means good character is beautiful
Iyanda means a selected beingIya means refers to mother/grandmotherIyabo means mother has comeIyadunni means mother is sweet to have
Iyaniwura means mother is (as precious as) goldIyatunde means mother has returnedIyanuoluwa means mercy of GodIyinoluwa means
Iyiola means the prestige of wealthIyunadeoluwa means beads (corals) of the crown of GodJejelaiyegba means life should be treaded gentlyJejeolaoluwa means the wealth of God is gentle/restful
Jenrola means let me find wealthJokotade means sit with the crownJokotola means sit with wealthKalejaye means sit and eat (savor) life
Kasimawo means let’s wait and see (if this child will live long)Kikelomo means children are destined for pamperingKofoworade means he does not buy the crown with moneyKofoworola meanshe does not buy wealth with money
Kokumo means he/she will not die againKoledowo means build a house in anticipation of wealthKosoko means theres no hoeKoyinsola means put honey into wealth i.e. experience sweet wealth
Kukoyi means death rejects this (one)Magbagbeoluwa means do not forget GodMajekodunmi means do not let it hurt (pain) meMajemuoluwa means convenant of God
Makanjuola means do not be in a hurry to get wealthyMalomo means don’t go away any moreMatanmi means don’t deceive meMeraola means I did not buy wealth
Mobiyina means I have given birth to this one (at last!)Mobolaji means I awoke with wealthModupe means I give thanksMofaderera means I adorn my body with a crown
Mofeoluwa means I love GodMofeyisade means I use this (one) as a crownMofeyisola means I use this (one) as wealthMofogofolorun means I give God glory?
Mofolami means I breathe with wealthMofolusho/Mofolorunsho means I place in Gods protection/keepingMofopefolorun means I give thanks to GodMogbadunola means I enjoy wealth
Mogbolade means I bring wealth home?Mojirayo means I awoke to see joyMojirola means I awoke to see wealthMojisola means I awoke to wealth
Mojolaoluwa means I enjoy (eat) the wealth of GodMojoyin means I enjoy (eat) honeyMokolade means I have brought wealthMolayo means I have joy
Monilola means I have a share in wealthMopelola means I am complete in wealthMoradeke means I have found a crown to pamperMoradeun means I have found a crown to pamper
Moradeyo means I have found a crown to rejoice overMorakinyo means I have found a warrior to rejoice overMorayo means I see joyMorenike means I (have) found a person to pamper
Morenikeji means I have found my second (better) halfMoriojurereoluwagba means I have found God’s favor/ favor in God’s sightMorohundiya means I find one to lessen my sufferingMorohunfola means I bestow something on wealth
Morohunfolu means I have found whom to give to GodMorohunkolafun means I have found whom to build wealth forMorohunmubo means I have found someone to bring backMorolake means I have found wealth to pamper
Morolayo means I have found wealth to rejoice overMosopefunolorun means I thank GodMosunmola means I move close to wealthMotilewa means I come from home
Motunrayo means I have once again seen joyMoyoade means I rejoice over the crownMoyosoreoluwa means I revel/rejoice in God’s favorOba means means king/ruler
Obafemi means the king loves meObasola means the king makes wealthObi means means familyObileye means family has honor
Odun means means yearOdunayo means year of joyOduntan means a famed year in storiesOjuolape means the face of wealth is complete/complete wealth
Okanlanwon means only male child amongst several female childrenOkiki means means fameOkikiade means fame of crownOkikiimole means fame of light
Okikiola means fame of wealthOla means means wealth.Olabamidele means wealth accompanies me homeOlabamiji/Olabanji means wealth wakes with me
Olabanwo means wealth looks after (this) for meOlabimtan means wealth beget me completeOlabisi means wealth has given birth to moreOlabode means wealth has arrived
Olabosipo means wealth returns to its positionOlabukunola means wealth adds fully to wealthOladahunsi means wealth responds to (me)Oladapo means wealth associates/affiliates
Oladayo means wealth becomes joyOladega means wealth arrives the palaceOladeinde/Olasehinde means wealth has returnedOladeji/Oladimeji means wealth has becomes two/double
Oladejo means wealth becomes eightOladele means wealth has come homeOladepo means wealth arrives its rightful positionOladiji means wealth becomes a refuge
Oladipo/ Oladipupo means wealth has become plentyOladiran means wealth becomes a heritageOladitan means wealth becomes a storyOladokun means wealth becomes (as wide as) the sea
Oladotun means wealth has become renewedOladunjoye means wealth is sweeter than titlesOladunni means wealth is sweet to haveOladurotoye means wealth stays with titles
Olafimihan means wealth shows me offOlagoke means wealth ascends a hillOlagunjoye means wealth is superior to titlesOlagunte means wealth ascends the throne
Olaide means wealth turns to comeOlaitan means wealth is inexhaustibleOlaiya means wealth of a motherOlajide means wealth awakes to come
Olajire means wealth awakes to goodnessOlajobi/Olajumobi means wealth unites to give birth toOlajumoke means wealth unites to pamperOlakanmi means wealth has touched me/I am entitled to wealth
Olakitan means wealth does not finishOlalekan means wealth has increased by oneOlalere means wealth has benefitsOlamakinde means wealth has brought the warrior
Olamide means my wealth has comeOlamiji means my wealth has awokenOlanifesi means wealth has love for meOlanipekun means wealth is endless
Olaniyan means wealth has its prideOlaniyi means wealth is honorableOlanlesi means wealth is increasingOlanrele means wealth is going home
Olanrewaju means wealth is moving forwardOlansile means wealth opens a houseOlaoluwa means wealth of /from GodOlaosebikan means wealth does dwell exclusively in one place
Olaoti means wealth does not fadeOlaoye means wealth of the titled oneOlapademi means wealth meets with meOlapeju means wealth is full of value
Olapitan means wealth tells a storyOlasimbo means wealth escorts meOlasubomi means wealth has overwhelmed me.Olasunmbo means wealth moves closer to me
Olasunkanmi means wealth moves nearer to touch meOlasupo means wealth clusters togetherOlatelemi means wealth follows meOlatemina means I also deserve wealth
Olateju means wealth is abundantOlatidoye means wealth has become a titleOlatokunbo means wealth from across the seaOlatoun means wealth is worth strife
Olatunbosun means wealth has once more shifted (forward)Olatunji means wealth has been revivedOlawale means wealth come homeOlawuwo means wealth is heavy
Olayemi means wealth befits meOlayikanmi means wealth turned to touch meOlayiwola means wealth twists into wealthOlayinka means wealth surrounds me
Olayonu means wealth has burdensOlolade means wealthy person has arrivedOlu/oluwa means means God. They are used interchangeably.Oluade means God of the crown
Olubajo means God returns from a journeyOlubamise means God has done it for meOlubanke means God helps me take care of (this child)Oluwabukola means God adds to wealth
Olubukumi means God adds to meOlubukunade means God adds to the crownOluwabunmi means God adds to meOluwabusayo means God adds to joy
Oluwabusola means God adds to wealthOludahunsi means God answers (me)Oluwadairo means God establishes this oneOluwadamilare means God exonerates/acquits me
Oluwadamilola means God makes me wealthyOluwadamisi means God spares me/my lifeOluwadarasimi means God has been good to meOluwadayisi means God created this one
Oludemilade means God has crowned meOluwadetan means God has finally arrivedOludolamu means God is the custodian of wealthOludotun means God becomes new
Olufadeke means God uses the crown to care for this oneOlufela means God expands wealthOluwafemi means God loves meOlufeyikemi means God uses this (one) to care for me
Olufeyisayo means God uses this (one) to add to (my) joyOluwafikayo/ Olufikunayo means God adds completeness to (my) joyOluwafiresayo means God adds favor to (my) joyOlufisayo means God adds to (my) joy
Olufolake means God takes care of this (one) with wealthOlufolasade means God has uses wealth as a crownOluwafoyinsolami means God adds honey to my wealthOlufumiso means God gave me (this child) to watch over
Olufunke means God gave me to pamperOlufunmbi means God gave me to birthOlufunmilade means God has given me a crownOlufunmilola means God gives me wealth
Oluwafunmilorinotun means God has given me a new songOlufunto means God gave me to raise/bring upOlugbayilo means God takes this (one) to useOlugbemileke means God makes me overcome
Oluwagbeminiyi means Gods honors meOluwajomiloju means God has surprised meOlukayode means God has brought joyOluwakemi means God pampers me
Olukolade means God brings wealthOlukorede means God has brought good (to me)Olukunmi means God completes meOlulaanu means God has mercy
Oluwaleti means God has ears (to hear my request)Oluwalomose means God knows how best to do itOluwalonike means God owns (this one) to take care ofOluwalonimi means God owns me
Olumayokun means God makes joy completeOlumayowa means God brings joyOlumide means my God has comeOlumoyebo means God has brought titles
Oluwanifemi means God has love for meOluwapamilerinayo means God has caused me to laugh in joyfulnessOluranti means God remembersOluwaremilekun meansGod has dried my tears
Oluropo means God replacesOluwarotimi means God is with meOlusaanu means God wrought mercyOlusanmi means God benefits me
Olusanya means God compensates for my sufferingOlusayo means God makes joyOlusegun means God is victoriousOluwasemilore means God has done me a favor
Oluwaseteminirere means God has done things for my goodOluwaseun means thanks be to GodOluwaseunbabaralaiyemi means God has done extremely great things for meOluwaseunayo means God has done something joyous
Oluseye means God makes dignityOluwaseyi means God has done thisOlusoga means God is the masterOlusoji means God has arisen
Olusola means God makes wealthOluwatemilorun means God contents meOluwatimilehin means God backs me upOluwatisetan means God has done completed “it”
Oluwatobi means God is big/mightyOluwatofunmi means God is enough for meOlutomilola means God is enough wealth for meOlutomiwa means God has come for me
Oluwatosin means God is worthy of worshipOlutoyelo means God worth more than titlesOluwatoyosi means God is worth celebratingOlutumibi means God rebirths me
Olutunde means God has returnedOluwawapelumi means God is with meOluwemimo means God washes me pureOluwole means God enters the home
Oluwayemisi means God holds me in high regards/God honors meOluyomi means God delivered meOmo means means childOmobolade means child comes (home) with wealth
Omobolaji means child awoke with wealthOmobolanle means child met wealth at homeOmobonike means child has met with someone to pamper him/herOmoborode means child has come with riches
Omodarani means child is good to haveOmodele means child has come homeOmodunbi means child is sweet to birthOmodunni means a child is a sweet thing to have
Omofolabo means child comes with wealthOmojola means child is greater than wealthOmokeinde/ Omokeyinwa means child comes in last/brings up the rearOmokeyede means child brings honor
Omokorede means child brings goodnessOmolabake means child whom we shall pamperOmolabi means it’s a child we have given birth toOmolara/ Omolebi means children are family
Omolayo means children are (a source) joyOmolere means children are goodOmolewa means children are beautyOmoleye means children are worthy
Omolola means children are wealthOmololu means child is the masterOmoloro means children are richesOmoloso means children are adornments/jewels
Omoluwabi means responsible childOmoniyi means children are honorableOmoniyun means children are (as precious as) coral beadsOmopariola means children are the completion are wealth
Omosalewa means child selected what home to be born intoOmosunsola means child moves nearer to wealthOmotade means child is the worth of the crownOmotara means child is the worth of family
Omotayo means child is the worth of (equivalent of) joyOmotola/Omotolani means a child is as worthy as wealthOmotoso means children are the worth of adornmentsOmotunde means child has come again
Omowafola means child is destined for wealthOmowon means children are expensive/dear/preciousOmowunmi means child is appealing to meOmoyeni means child befits a person
Oni means means personOnifede means here comes the person of loveOnipede means here comes the consolerOniyide means here comes the dignified one
Ope means means thanksOpemipo means I have many thanks to renderOpeoluwa means God’s gratitudeOpetunde means gratitude has come again
Opeyemi means thanks befits me/I should be gratefulOre means means favor/goodness/kindnessOreofe means free favor (undeserved favor). I.e. graceOreolu means favor of God
Òré means means friendÒrédola means friendship becomes wealthÒrélolu means God is a friendÒréoluwa means friend of God
Òréotitololuwa means God is a true friendOri means means headOriade means head of crownOridola means head has become wealth
Orimolade means the head knows who should be crownOriola means head of wealthOriyomi means my head has saved meOromidayo means my case has become that of joy
Otito means means truthOtitoju means the truth is greatestOtitoluwa means the truth of GodOwo means this refers to money
Owodunni means money is sweet to ownOwolabi means money is what we have given birth toOwoseni means money can be hadOye means means titles
Oyebamiji/Oyebanji means the title awakes with meOyebode means title has comeOyebola means title meets with wealthOyebolujo means the titles fit God
Oyedele means title comes homeOyediran means title becomes hereditaryOyegoke means title ascends a hillOyekanmi means it is my turn to receive the title
Oyekunle means title fills the houseOyelakin means title is valorOyeleke meanstitle overcomesOyelowo means title has respect
Oyemade means title with crownOyenike means title has need of pamperingOyeniran means title has pedigreeOyeniyi means title has dignity
Oyenola means title has wealthOyenuga means the title owns the palaceOyerinde means title has walked inOyesanya means the title compensates for my suffering
Oyesina means the title has opened the watOyetunde the title has come againOyeyemi means titles befit meOyeyipo means titles roll together/surround each other
Oyin means means honey. It refers also to sweetnessOyindamola means honey is mixed into wealthOyindasola means honey pours into wealthOyinkansola means honey drips into wealth
Popoola means highway of wealthSegilade means ornaments are crownsSegilola means ornaments are wealthSimilolaoluwa means restfulness of the wealth of God
Sijuade means look in/open (your) eyes wide in the direction of the crownSijuwola means look in the direction of wealthSiyanbola meansSuulola means
Tanimola means who knows the futureTaraoluwa means from Gods own bodyTaiwo/Taiye means taste life/the world. The name given to the younger of a set of twinsTejumade means fix your gaze on the crown
Temidayo means my life has taken a turn for goodTemilade means mine is the crownTemilayo means mine is joyTemilolu means God is mine
Temitayo means my case is worth joyfulnessTemitope means mine (my circumstances) are worth thankfulnessTewogbola means stretch out your hands to receive wealthTirenioluwa means it is yours, Lord!
Tinuade means from within the crownTitilola means endless wealthTitilayo means endless joyTiwalade means ours is the crown
Tiwalolu means ours is GodTiwatope means our situation is worthy of thanks
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Nigerian Names: Igbo

Igbo Names and their Meanings         

ADANNA  means “father’s first daughter”
ADANNAYA means “her father’s first  daughter”AKACHI means “the hand of God”
AKUCHI means “God’s wealth”AMADI  means “free man”
AMAKA /CHIAMAKA – “God is good”AMARA means “grace”
AMARACHI means “God’s grace”AÑULI/ANULIKA – “joy/joy is greater”
AZUBUIKE – “the past is your strength”CHI – “god, spirtual being”
CHIAMAKA  means  “God is beautiful”CHIBUEZE means “God is the king”
CHIBUIKE  means  “God is strength”CHIBUZO means  “God leads the way”
CHICHI means “God”.CHIDI means “God exists”
CHIDIEBERE means “God is merciful”CHIDIEBUBE means “God is glorious”
CHIDIEGWU means “God is wonderful”CHIDIKE  means  “God is strong”
CHIDIMMA means  “God is good”CHIDUBEM means “guided by God”
CHIEMEKA  means “God has performed great deeds”CHIJINDUM means “God holds my life”
CHIKA – “God is the greatest”CHIKE – “God’s power”
CHIKELU / CHIKERE. means “God created”CHIMA – “God knows”
CHINASA means “God answers”CHINEDU means “God leads”
CHINONSO means “God is nearby”CHINWE means “God owns”
CHINWEIKE means “God owns power”CHINWENDU means “God owns life”
CHINWEUBA means “God owns wealth”CHINYELU /CHINYERE – “God gave”
CHIOMA means “good God”CHIZOBA means “God protect us”
CHUKS – “God”-SlangsCHUKWUDI  means “there is God”.
CHUKWUEMEKA means “God has done something great”CHUKWUMA means “God knows”.
EBELE means “mercy, kindness”EKENE –  “praise”
EKENEDILICHUKWU means     “all praise to God”EKWUEME means                         “he says, he does”
EMEKA means                               “great deeds”ENYINNAYA means                     “his father’s friend”
FUMNANYA  means                     “love me”IFUNANYA means                              “love”
IKENNA means                              “father’s power”NDIDI means                                  “patience”
NGOZI means                                 “blessing”NKECHI means                              “Gods own”
NKECHINYERE means                “what God has given”NKEMDILIM means                      “let mine be mine”
NKIRU means                                  “the best is still to come”NKIRUKA means                           “the one ahead is better”
NNAMDI  means                            “my father is alive”NNEKA  means                              “my mother is greater”
NNENNA means                            “father’s mother”NNENNE  means                             “mother’s mother”
NWANNEKA  means                     “my siblings are supreme”OBI  means                                      “heart”
OGECHI                                “Gods time”OGECHUKWUKAMA means      “God’s time is beautiful”
OLUCHI means                              “God’s work”ONYEKA means                            “who is greater”.
ONYEKACHI means                     “who is greater than God?”UDO means  “peace”
UZOCHI means “God’s way”UZOMA means “good way”

ADAEZE means “king’s daughter”

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