Guide on Living and Working in Norfolk, England


If you, like many of us, are looking for a home for sale in Norfolk, you will find many unique neighborhoods where you can live. Whether you want to work in Norfolk or retire in Norfolk, it will be decided which places and villages are usually more suitable for you to live in.

Employment Opportunities in Norwich

Most employers are close to Norwich, Kings Lynn, and Great Yarmouth for people who are likely to be employed in Norfolk. In Norwich, you will find jobs in many sectors, including insurance, finance, tourism, and retail. At Kings Lynn, you can see job opportunities in fisheries, agriculture, and manufacturing. In Great Yarmouth, you will learn about tourism jobs as well as sailing and technology.

People looking for employment in Norwich have many towns and villages that are conveniently accessible on the right outskirts of the city. The towns of Wymondham, Acle, and Long Stratton are usually a 15-minute drive away. They are all heavily involved in retail and commerce for the people who live there. In addition to these places, you can find a large number of different villages around Norwich and all with their own special point of sale. Whether you want to be close to transportation and services, or away from it all, Norfolk is sure to be a community that suits your own preferences.

For those who want to be close to Kings Lynn, you can find many villages in North Norfolk that are far from the area. Many villages in North Norfolk are just a few minutes’ drives from the beach and provide residents with wonderful beach days with relatives and friends.

Place of Interest

People looking to work in Great Yarmouth or Lowestoft will find that there are many beautiful villages on the East Norfolk coast that are just minutes from the city and offer great accommodation for both children and couples. There are plenty of places to visit and leisure by the beach, suitable for people of all ages.

So if you are looking for a home in Norfolk, be sure to consider one of the many real estate agents in Norwich who are more than excited to help you find the perfect home.


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