Fast Share is here, the Google AirDrop for Android

Android Fast Share Replace Android Beam Compete Airdrop
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Welcome to NN, As reports had it, the Tech Giant Google is rounding up on Android Fast Share, a new feature of Android that is designed to share files and exchange docs between two nearby devices without having to use internet connection.

Android Fast Share to replace Android Beam

The new app will not only allow you to share audiovisual files, but you can also share texts or website links making t possible for users to do more.

Some features of the app are related to what is already obtainable on a similar Google product called  Files Go, an exclusive file transmission app for users of Android.  Android beam couldn’t make enough success, Google hopes to replace Android Fast Share with Android Beam.


Android Fast Share a clear competitor of AirDrop

This app will replace Android Beam after it has not reaped enough success and it did not reach Android Q. It will also be a clear competitor of AirDrop, the function of transmission of files but between Apple-branded devices.

To share the files all you have to do is select the specific content and click on the share option. Once clicked on Share, the traditional dialog of apps to share from Android will appear.

There you will find the option of Fast Share. Then a list of nearby devices will appear. This function will detect available devices within a radius of about 10 meters. The user must select the terminal to which he wants to send the information.

When the terminal to which you want to send the file has been chosen, the user of that terminal will only have to accept the sending request. To work, you will need to have the BlueTooth connection and geolocation activated.

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Android Fast Share Not Just for Android

These files can be shared with different devices compatible with the application. Therefore, the app will not be exclusive for Android, since users of ChromeOS, the Android operating system for computers, will also have the function.

In the event that Google launches the App for the App Store, the iPhones may also have the application. It will also be available for some smartwatches with the Wear operating system.

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However, the official date on which the app will be available in the app stores is still unknown. At the moment, only a beta version is available in some Android Q users.

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What’s your take on Android Fast share? Drop your perspectives in the comment section below.

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