Difference in cost of living in cities of Oakville, Ontario, Canada


There is a difference in the cost of living between Oakville and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The transportation platform on the website beyond.ca shows that both places are wonderful places to live, but Mississauga offers an easier trip to downtown Toronto. Economic and retail reports show higher-than-average household incomes in Oakville, which means more expensive meals and recreation. Increased demand continues to drive housing prices in Mississauga while real estate in Oakville is relatively affordable.


The cities of Mississauga and Oakville are suburbs on the outskirts of southern Ontario. Jeff O’Leary, a real estate agent in Oakville, believes that each city offers residents a different lifestyle. Europeans came to Mississauga in the early 1600s and bought land from the locals. The development of the railway has helped the city to become an industrial power. Citibank Canada, Hewlett Packard, and Target Canada are some of the companies currently headquartered in Mississauga.

Oakville was formed around Dundas Street, an area that was originally explored for military purposes. Near waterways, the city was transformed into a shipyard. Despite having a variety of refineries and car factories, Oakville has become a family-friendly city with a lot of cultural and educational entertainment.


Mississauga and Oakville are ahead of the rest of Canada. Data from the Mississauga Economic Development Office showed that about 31 percent. Locals have a university education. 2000 The city consisted of most high school students, which was in line with other very crowded areas, including Toronto. During the same period, the average household income in Mississauga was about $ 80,442 Canadian (CAD) and $ 58,360 for the rest of Canada.

2001 A summary of Oakville’s retail and retail services describes local revenue as 157 percentage points. Above-average Canadian. Residents reported an annual salary of $ 105,150. Just like in neighboring Mississauga, many people living in Oakville have a college education. City-Data.Com found that about 33 percent. Locals successfully graduated from the university.

The difference in cost of living

Merriam-Webster defines the cost of living as the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living, which is calculated by calculating the average cost of some goods and services. Differences in living in different areas are due to various factors.

Location leads to a higher cost of living. People flock to the polling station and create demand for housing, goods, and services. As a result, suppliers raise prices.

Increasing disposable income increases the average cost of living in a given area. Residents with extra money are creating a thriving home market for luxury goods.

The difference in the cost of living arises when the income limit in a certain area begins to exceed the local averages.
Price comparison

offers pricing data from Mississauga and Oakville. Individuals who want to move to work should keep the following in mind:

On-site grocery shopping is available or dropped off depending on the item. Boneless Missisongean chicken breast is $ 8, almost three dollars cheaper than the Oakville price.

In Mississippi, local and imported beer is $ 2 cheaper. Local merchants also charge $ 10 for a pack of Marlboro cigarettes. The same package in Oakville costs $ 14.

Utilities, including gas, electricity, and water, cost $ 250.92 per month for a medium-sized apartment in Oakville. The same monthly service in Mississauga is about $ 192.73.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Mississauga is more expensive than buying a house in Oakville ($ 1,100 to $ 1,325, compared to $ 800 to $ 1,200).

Three-bedroom apartments in downtown Oakville are more expensive than downtown Mississauga ($ 2,000 versus $ 1,825). Apartments on the outskirts of Oakville are significantly cheaper than spending on housing in Mississauga ($ 1,175 compared to $ 1,600).

The cost of living in Oakville

The cost of living in Oakville is significantly higher than living in neighboring Mississauga. Long commutes to and from work prevent real estate prices in Oakville from rising, but the cost of other items, including food and cigarettes, remains high. Talking to an Oakville real estate agent is invaluable when considering moving to a suburb of Ontario.


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