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You may think I’m crazy about saying this and wonder how cold a cold country with less than 35 million is. The population could be better at immigration than a powerful 318 million superpower. Population? Do not get me wrong. The USA is a great country to immigrate to. In most cases, when I say “I’m going to a foreign country” people say “Which US state?” Asked. So, yes, the USA is the favorite country among immigrants in the world. No doubt. However, there are several reasons why I decided to come to Canada and why I wanted to live in Canada instead of the USA. Let’s see what they are:

1) Friendly immigration policy:

People who cross both borders can easily spot the difference at the airport. Yes, Canada’s immigration policy is much simpler and more friendly than the US. Getting a work permit, work permit, tourist visa, permanent residency (PR) and even citizenship in Canada is easier than in the USA The paperwork and follow-up process required for any of the above is much easier than for Canada. TO US.

Quote: Did you know that your spouse can work here in Canada even if you have a work permit? Try it in the US!

2) A Better Health Care System:

The Canadian healthcare system is one of the best government-funded healthcare systems in the world, and everyone receives the same level of care regardless of their finances. Not only that, but under the Health Canada Act, if you are a Canadian resident, almost anything medically necessary will be treated for free. Don’t get me wrong, but you must pay a monthly contribution under your provincial or regional health insurance plans. Believe me, these monthly contributions you pay in Canada are very reasonable and in no way equal to the contributions people pay in the USA. Even if you have not paid your health insurance premiums in the past few months, you will be treated in British Columbia (but they may receive contributions later). I want to say that your treatment will not be denied because you are not insured.

Quote: Did you know that there is a $ 70 monthly fee for all medically necessary medical and surgical services? Try it in the US!

3) Affordable Education System:

The Canadian education system is generally open to the public (read “free”) and each child must attend school between the ages of 5 and 16 or 18 depending on the state in which they live. You can choose to teach your children at public schools (free tuition) or private schools that you have to pay. It cannot be wrong to say that public education is of poor quality or only for poor children, as in many parts of the world. Almost 95% of children enrolled in primary and secondary schools between 2010 and 2011, according to Statcan. He goes to public schools. Even after a child has finished high school, the money you spend on their college / university education may be far less than you could spend on a similar quality education in the US.

Quote: According to a study by HSBC Canada, the average cost of studying an international student (based on fees paid by the top 10 Canadian colleges and universities) is $ 18,474. Try it in the US!

4) Better security:

Unlike the USA, Canada has no gun culture. Most US states have regulations that allow the average person to carry a concealed weapon. When was the last time you heard a gunshot when a schoolboy shot his teacher and other classmates at an American university? Not so long ago, right? But not here in Canada. Canada has strict firearm regulations, where firearm licenses are used very well with appropriate inspections, personal interviews, and safety training courses.

Quote: You will feel absolutely safe traveling by bus / train as early as 2 am in most of Canada. Try it in the US!

5) A better overall lifestyle:

Although lifestyle means different things to different people, according to the OECD Better Life Index, housing, income, work, society, education, environment, active citizenship, health, life satisfaction, safety and work includes your life. Balance. Except for housing and income, the US scores lower than Canada in all other respects. When I compared the 4 factors that I think are important to my lifestyle – health, life satisfaction, safety and work-life balance (go to to compare better life index in different countries) – I clearly understood where I want to go!

Quote: The Canadian people are good and very helpful people. When you accidentally go to a Canadian without saying anything, you will hear a “DISCOVER” from him. Try it in the US!


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