Agriculture sector job offers in Portugal – Fruit or vegetable jobs in Portugal


Beam selection helps meet the demands on the farm. As part of the procurement, farm management assists with inventory and product packaging. Pick Packer works with the farm team and works with other supply farm management professionals. They often work in the retail industry to help distribute retail products.
business type: –
Anyone can apply for any category. There is no specification. We have more than 2,500 jobs. You can apply for the next job.


Fruit picker: – 200 numbers.
Collector and packaged vegetables: – 100 items.
Excellent Salary Provider: – $ 1500 + – $ 2500 +

The minimum amount required to apply for this job: –

Must be able to read and speak English
The applicant must be over 20 and under 45 years old.
A valid document and passport
If you know about this file, you can submit a request.
No criminal record

Benefits in the application:

Premium Salary Package + Overtime + Meal + Accommodation + Annual Return Ticket. Business hours will be 8 per day. You can request family public relations after two years. thank you so much!

Method of application

Read all the information first, then decide to apply. You need a new biometrics / CV

  • A new passport size photo
  • Dynamic data should be in doc format


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